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What's New

Sorted by Month

Sep. 1998

Sep. 25th

* Changed some words

Sep. 8th

- Removed some sections of the site that dont get as much use

Sep. 6th

+ Added a couple links to the Other Projects section.

Sep. 1st

+ Ascii Art section.
* Changed some erroneous use of id to classes, and cleaned up Steal My Code and ASCII art sections.
Aug. 1998

Aug. 3rd

+ Added to the Followers list.
May 1998

May 5th

* General housekeeping

May 3rd

* Changed the background of the new section to be a fancy gradient.
* Moved new section up a bit.

May 1st

+ Added new section, currently WIP and unsure what I'll be doing with it.
Apr. 1998

Apr. 26th

+ Added to the Followers list.
- Removed a dead link in the Other Projects section.

Apr. 5th

* Made some adjustments to the header hierarchy of the site.
+ Filled in updates for April of 1998.
* Changed the rolling shutter on the CRT page to be more faithful to how I originally wanted it to appear.
* Reworded a couple parts of the website.
* Fixed some missing line-breaks in the What's New section.

Apr. 2nd

- Site is no longer localized for Australian audiences.

Apr. 1st

+ Localized site for Australian audiences.
Jan. 1998

January 12th

- Removed "Happy 1998" header
* Fixed dead link

January 10th

+ Added a second link back to my main page at the bottom of the site
+ Added skullmund to followers section.

January 4th

* Reworded a few parts of the site. Happy new year!
Dec. 1997

December 30

+ "Happy 1998" header

December 23

+ Troy Sucks has been added to the Cool Sites section, Followers section.
+ Added proper buttons for some follower pages in the Followers section.
Nov. 1997

November 11

- Unpatched a bug.

November 8

+ Music

November 2

* Changed to a font w/ antialiasing. Tell me what you think here!
Oct. 1997

October 31

+ CRT page vignette
* Site stats section now shows correct year

October 29

+ Site stats section
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About Me

Hi! I'm from Iowa, and I was born on November 21st, 2006. My main website is at My favorite video games are Portal and Undertale, my favorite TV shows are Scott The Woz and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and my favorite albums are the Minecraft soundtrack, "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Running With Scissors", and the Scott The Woz Sound Selection. I decided I wanted to make a website that was painfully ugly designed to look like it was from the early Geocities era, which is why this site exists.

Please pretend the things listed in this section were already around in 1997.
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Other Projects - My main website. It's the one that's the most regularly updated of these 3. And it's very orange.
Circa 1997 - You are here.
i love playing the nintendo wii - i love playing the nintendo wii
Niftows HP - A personal website designed to look like Microsoft Windows XP. (Yes, it's where Niftows 96 comes from!)
Say No 2 Vaxines - A Very Subtle™ satirization of American conservative talking points, and anti-vax organizations. Say No 2 Trees - Supposed to serve as a companion piece to Say No 2 Vaxines. Done for a high school project. PENTIUMS! - W.I.P. "Weird Al" Yankovic fansite themed around Running With Scissors.
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Steal My Code!

Bring Back The <blink> Tag:

Put the following code in your CSS sheet:
@keyframes blink { 0% {opacity: 0;} 50% {opacity: 0;} 50.01% {opacity: 1;} 99.99% {opacity: 1;} 100% {opacity: 0;} } blink { animation-name: blink; animation-duration: 0.5s; animation-iteration-count: infinite; }
Now start using <blink> in your HTML like it's 1995 again!
Just a note, you can replace the phrase "blink" in this code with something else and use that in the place of the blink element.

Rainbow Text!

@keyframes rainbow { 0% {color: red;} 16.66% {color: yellow;} 33.33% {color: lime;} 50% {color: cyan;} 66.66% {color: blue;} 83.33% {color:magenta;} 100% {color: red;} } rainbow { animation-name: rainbow; animation-duration: 5s; animation-iteration-count: infinite; }
Now just wrap any text you want to be rainbow in a <rainbow> tag!

Alternative rainbow text

@keyframes rainbow-alt {
0% {color: red;} 16.65% {color: red;} 16.66% {color: yellow;} 33.32% {color: yellow;} 33.33% {color: lime;} 49.99% {color: lime;} 50% {color: cyan;} 66.65% {color: cyan;} 66.66% {color: blue;} 83.32% {color: blue;} 83.33% {color:magenta;} 99.99% {color:magenta;} 100% {color: red;} }
rainbow-alt {
animation-name: rainbow;
animation-duration: 5s;
animation-iteration-count: infinite;
Just a note, you can replace the phrase "rainbow" / "rainbow-alt" in this code with something else and use that in the place of the rainbow/rainbow-alt elements.
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Button-Related Stuff

Button Collection

Web Browsers

Pride Flags

My Little Pony





Scott the Woz

Social Medias

"Weird Al" Yankovic


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Cool Sites!

This is a list of sites that I think are cool; not including my own, of course.

Website 1990 Colourised - Website 1990 Colourised is another website on Neocities designed to look like something taken directly out of '90's Geocities!

ARandomSite - ARandomSite is a website designed to look like Windows 95! Hm, almost reminds me of another site designed after an old Windows version...

Troy Sucks - Troy Sucks may be the most beautiful website to use colors as bright, 'ugly' and saturated as these, and you know I love ugly websites - are you even looking at this one?

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